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Leggy Riggs is a pop-up circus cabaret. Set in iconic and scenic locations, she reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and moves from city rooftops and mountain overlooks to decadent hotel lobbies, street festivals and desert getaways. Stylized in modern couture and the avant-garde, Leggy Riggs brings to the stage a cast of world class illusionists, burlesque dancers, drag queens, contortionists, object manipulators and aerial acrobats.


With various options - from dinner theater to circus in the park - each Leggy Riggs experience highlights a local cafe, vinter, or brewery and collaborates with local artists and organizations to celebrate the already diverse and vibrant communities of Los Angeles. 

Let Leggy Riggs be the cocktail hour for your evening!

community co0peration

As a pop up circus cabaret, Leggy Riggs is working towards touring all the neighborhoods in the city. We want to bring our show, free to the public, as far south, east, north and west as this city spans, while creating partnerships with local art organizations, community builders and businesses.


We aim to create shared events that celebrate local creative communities, whether by sharing the stage with local artists or bringing vendors and community educators into the day's event.

Additionally, Leggy Riggs hosts artist residencies and a range of community workshops from aerial technique to performance improv. Watch our calendar for upcoming events and follow us on Instagram!


CIRCUS in community

Artistic expression has the transformative capacity for resilience and healing. As artists, we commit to continuing education about the various issues that seek to divide us. We intentionally work to break apart “top down” mentality and re-imagine organizational structures. We pursue collaboration to ensure healthy and reflective relationships based in social justice, while creating experiences that embrace intersectionality and inclusion.


We recognize the diversity of the individuals, families and communities we engage with, in terms of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, immigration status and physical ability. We honor our collective histories of struggle against discrimination and other forms of oppression, and acknowledge the Tongva (/ˈtɒŋvə/ TONG-və) as the original peoples of California from the Los Angeles basin.


We want to be a part of the rejuvenation of our lands, while also celebrating the rich culture in our contemporary neighborhoods.

Please read our full Statement Of Accountability and Values!

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